Summer Workshops

Register below for one of our exciting Summer 2017 shows!  Click on a show below to find out more information and to register.  Be sure to check out our Kids Of All Ages Show, James & The Giant Peach too.  Once a year, Theatre Arts For Kids does a show for all ages encouraging parents and community members to get involved.  Look for more information by clicking on the "Auditions" tab on our home page.


    Director Training: Ages 13-18 Eligible
    Instructors: Leah Kolar, James Mitchell, Blake Tobey
    Assisted by TAFK graduates

    Theatre Arts For Kids strives to foster leadership, strong mentors, and training in the areas of directing, stage management, and choreography. We encourage graduates of our program to return in these capacities. Director training will help students build skills in the areas listed above. The first week of the workshop will focus on filling each director’s toolbox. The second week of the session, the directors in training will take on directing their first show. Each student will direct a full scene in “Imagination Playground”. “Imagination Playground” is at Kloefkorn Elementary and will feature kids ages 8-12. The directors in training will choose the scenes they would like to direct from musicals and plays. When not directing their own scene, they will serve as each other’s Assistant Directors, Stage Managers, Choreographers, Prop Masters, Costumers, etc.

    Indirectly, these directors in training will learn so much about themselves as performers, mentors, and teachers. Teaching others is the greatest way to gain insight about yourself and your craft.

    This workshop will be limited to a small number of participants. To apply for the program, please submit a short (approximately one page) essay to Leah Kolar ( describing why you are interested in taking this class and why you believe you are a good candidate. Applications must be received by February 1st. You will be notified by March 15th if you have been accepted and will be directed to the payment link at that time.

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