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Pandemic Protocol (COVID 19)

Theatre Arts For Kids COVID Policy

All patrons, volunteers and performers ages five and over must provide proof of vaccination for entry into TAFK.  For those ages five - eleven, vaccination cards showing one dose will suffice until all children in this age group have had ample time to become fully vaccinated.  

Unvaccinated patrons ages five and over will be required to present a printed proof of a negative COVID test result (we do not accept home COVID test kit results). This test must have been performed in the seventy two hours prior to the respective performance/rehearsal/event etc..

All  patrons and volunteers will wear a mask over their mouth and nose while at TAFK.  Performers will wear masks in compliance with city/county/state mask mandates.  When these mandates offer exceptions for performers, it will be at the discretion of the director as to when performing without  a mask is possible.

Children ages four and younger are not allowed in our audiences or classes at this time.  

Theatre Arts For Kids acknowledges that the pandemic has brought many challenges and that there are no absolutes.  Our efforts are in solidarity with other local performing arts organizations as well as regional theatres and Broadway.  The risk mitigation outlined in this policy follows suit with these theatres and a world wide effort to keep the performing arts thriving during the pandemic.  This policy will be revised as necessary to reflect future changes in the pandemic.