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TAFK is so excited to have new accessibility ramps in place for our students in wheelchairs. In the pictures below you will see that the ramps are placed in front of the stage and with the help of the amazing Kathleen Frohner, camouflaged for performances to be part of our stage and are used by everyone as an additional entrance/exit. On Saturdays, our amazing team of students put the ramps up and take them down at the end of the day. It takes muscle and problem solving to get them just right. Special thanks to TAFK techie, Chance Ritchie for leading this effort! Thanks to Ben Kolar, we have added safety panels around the stage and on the mid platform between the two ramps. Special thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Center, The Village Foundation, The Heritage League Women's Club and 101 Mobility for making these ramps possible.