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Sara Crewe Scholarship

Sara Crewe Scholarship


In honor of of 2015 graduate, Susan Twiehaus, Theatre Arts For Kids started the Sara Crewe Scholarship Fund.  Susan donated her first paycheck from Theatre Arts For Kids for directing The Little Mermaid Jr. at Kloefkorn Elementary to start the scholarship.  Artistic Director, Leah Kolar matched the funds in lieu of a graduation present and the scholarship’s continue funding is achieved through fundraisers and generous donations by Theatre Arts For Kids patrons.

Named after Susan’s role of Sara Crewe in A Little Princess, this scholarship fund is designed to honor a graduating senior that demonstrates leadership, kindness and excellent work ethic staying involved in Theatre Arts For Kids  throughout their high school years.


Sara Crewe Scholarship Winners



Susan Twiehaus (Honoree)



Alana Sesow



Josh Matthews



Tatum Sesow & Hayden Moss



Olivia Olson & Kaley Hinrichs



Alexis Crist & Helena Muller



Allison FitzSimmons & Maddy Stolcpart



Kara Linder


If you would like to make a donation to the Sara Crewe Scholarship Fund, please click on the "donate" button on our home page  or send your donation to…


Theatre Arts For Kids

PO Box 67032

Lincoln NE 68506


Application Information

 2023 Application Deadline: March 1st


  • The student must remain active and dedicated to TAFK through their high school years.
  • The student must perform a minimum of 50 volunteer (unpaid) hours during their high school years for TAFK. 
  • The student must perform a minimum of 50 volunteer hours during their high school years for non TAFK or other theatrical organizations in an effort to broaden their contribution to the community.  TAFK's Builder’s Club sponsored by Lincoln Center Kiwanis is a great source of opportunities.
  • The student must complete an application essay following the outline below by March1st of their senior year.  
  • If awarded the scholarship, recipients must be willing to serve on the Sara Crewe Scholarship Committee through the advisement of the Theatre Arts For Kids Board of Directors for at least ten years post graduation.  
  • Please note that in the case of multiple qualified applicants, there may be more than one recipient.
  • The amount of the scholarship varies year to year based on available funds and number of qualified applicants. This is a merit (not need) based scholarship.

Application Essay Requirements

  • A short cover letter in the form of an email with a link to your essay via google docs and a pdf of the same document attached to the email.  Please be sure to share the document with editing permission.  Your essay will be published in TAFK programs and on the TAFK website.  You may be asked to revise your essay if it is submitted with grammar, punctuation errors or lack of content structure.  Your cover letter should include your full name, email and phone number.  Please include the names and emails of two recommenders that have read your essay and give you suggested edits.  Your recommenders should also be willing to speak to your character and achievements. Please choose non family members for your recommenders.
  • One 500-800 word essay in which you describe what TAFK has meant to you, what you have contributed to TAFK and what you have learned from your TAFK experience.  Describe what your career goals are.  Where do you intend to go to college and what is your intended degree.   If music or theatre is not your emphasis in college, how to you see theatre playing a role in your college experience?  What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?Following your essay, please include a list of productions you have been involved with at Theatre Arts For Kids and indicate what your participation was in these productions.
  • Your volunteer hours must be logged in the shared volunteer hours document sent to you previously.