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Orphan Train is a TAFK original work written by TAFK Artistic Director, Leah Kolar and TAFK Student, Helena Muller.  Based on true stories of the trains that brought orphans to the midwest and the stories of those children.  Featuring traditional American folk music from this time, this show will not only tell a beautiful story, but also bring important music of our history to the stage.  

Theatre Arts For Kids is a non profit organization.  Tuition cost does not cover all of the manpower needed to put on a show.  We need each family to commit to 2.5 hours of volunteer work (per family) throughout the process of the show.  Volunteer needs will be sent out at the beginning of each show through an online sign up form.  We value your participation and help as we strive to create the best product possible.  We also understand that time is precious and not everyone will have 2.5 hours to commit to this project.  To fill this need, we hire high school and college students to do the work needed and pay them $10 per hour.  If you would prefer to donate $25 (per family) to TAFK in lieu of volunteering 2.5 hours, this is a great option too.  If you opt to add a $25 (per family) donation to your tuition  here, we will not send you the volunteer needs and thank you for contributing in this way.  

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