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Check the box for the classes you would like to register for below. You will receive a confirmation email upon registration and an email one week prior to classes beginning with welcome information.

Winter Break Monday (Disney Day)
Winter Break Tuesday (Script WrIting)
Winter Break Wednesday (Daring Day)
Winter Break Thursday (Rainbow Sparkly Day)
I would like to register my child for Willy Wonka Kids.
I would like to register my child for Children Of Eden Jr.
Is there anything we should know about your child to better help them grow as a performer? (include any allergies, medical information necessary, learning challenges, social struggles, etc.)


Daily Screening

  • Parents should stay until their child has passed the temperature check. We will do our best to make this happen while you are still in your car for ease.   A child with a temperature of 99.0 or above will be sent home.  Temperature checks will happen daily at noon for those staying the full day.  
  • Please be EXTREMELY conservative when making decisions about sending your child if they are exhibiting ANY symptoms.  It can be a tricky wicket to decide if your child has allergies or a cold.  DO NOT risk it!  I highly recommend checking your child's temp each morning before you leave home. 
  • Do you think there might be confusion as you know your child suffers from seasonal allergies?  There are great over the counter and holistic ways to eliminate this cause for wonder and concern.  Thanks for your extra caution and help with this.  
  • What do you do if your child has a stomach ache, but you are pretty sure they are just nervous or maybe ate some funky potato salad?  Here's what you don't do... DON'T send them to theatre!  If it is nerves or bad mayo, you will know in a few hours and think what that few hours could prevent for so many others!
  • Your child will be sent home immediately if I think there is ANY reason for concern.  I appreciate your understanding that this is not my favorite way to approach things, but it is my responsibility to be as cautious as possible during these times.  

Daily Protocol

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at check-in and check-out.
  • All high touch surfaces will be sanitized every three hours.
  • There will be no sharing of items (costumes, props or otherwise)
  • Along with small class size, distance between students while sitting, standing and performing will be a priority.  
  • While indoors, all students and staff will wear a mask unless significantly separated by plexiglass barriers to enable solo singing.  
  • While outdoors, distance will be a priority.  Masks will not be worn outside
  • e unless the Director feels it is necessary per current COVID status.
  • There will be a thirty minute break between classes for air exchange and we will be making an effort to be outside whenever possible this summer.
  • IMPORTANT: If a child or staff member tests positive for COVID during the class, the class will be suspended.  These are strange and difficult times and though we wish we were able to guarantee refunds, we cannot.  Refunds will not be made due to COVID circumstances. We will make every effort to offer solutions in a case like this which may included, but not limited to zooming, an alternate class etc.
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